Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well our agency received a batch of 23 SN referrals a week ago and our Abby was not in this batch. This was the 2nd batch of referrals since we joined the SN program. When the first batch came through in February I carried my phone everywhere, checked messages at least 10 times a day and checked my e-mail every hour. But we didn't get a call. I was so upset but then Sean reminded me that we are working with God's time not ours. If it had been our time we would have received a referral as soon as we were logged in. But God's timing is different, he felt that February wasn't our time and is working very hard at teaching me patience. We must realize that he has already chosen the perfect child for us and when it is time we will get the call. Then last week when we got the e-mail that new referrals had come I prepared myself for not receiving a call. In fact I left my phone in the car while at work and only checked my e-mail on my break. For some reason I was very at peace this time. Knowing that in my mind this was not our time. Don't get me wrong, I checked on my break to see if we had any messages but not every hour like in February. So now the wait continues. Praying continues and in his time we will meet our Abby Grace.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

International Adoption

We are the Mitchell family and we a currently in the waiting stage of our international adoption from China. We are praying to get a referral for a special needs girl 0-2 and then travel to China sometime in 2007 to bring our Abby Grace home.

We will be updating our blog periodically throughout our wait but the real fun will begin when we get the call from our agency AWAA telling us they have our daughter.

DTC 12/15/06

LID 1/15/07