Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Abby Grace

Well today has been a very emotional day. I've smiled, I've celebrated and I've cried. Two years ago today a beautiful baby girl was born in Gan Su Province China to a very special woman. Four months later that woman made a very difficult and heart breaking decision to place her baby girl on the steps of the Ping Liang SWI. I cannot imagine the pain she must have felt that day but I know that deep in her heart she knew she was doing the best thing for her daughter. That sweet baby girl once known as Liang Wan Jian is now Abbigail Grace Liang Mitchell, our little Jian Jian as she is called in her orphanage. My heart breaks as I think of the pain her birthmother must be feeling today as she thinks back and remembers the birth of her daughter. I just pray that the Lord lays his healing hand on her and gives her peace with her decision. I thank her with all of my heart for taking care of her and nurturing her the best she could until she could no longer. I can only hope that she knows how much we already love this little blessing even though we have yet to meet her face to face. We know Abby Grace in our hearts and look forward to celebrating her third birthday with her next year.