Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wallace's got the call

Praise and glory to our Lord and Savior!!! Some new friends of ours from SC got the call yesterday @2:38. They will soon be welcoming KateLin Wallace into their family. She will be turning 2 in July. Hope, KateLin's mom, and I have been corresponding for a few months, providing support for one another. She has been waiting on the list since October 2006 and has waited through 3 SN batches before finally getting matched with her daughter. I will add her web-site the the links for anyone who wants to follow her journey. The password for her blog is: partyoffive, as KateLin will make the Wallace family a family of 5.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update for June

There is not a whole lot to update everyone on. Our agency received a batch of referrals last week but no phone call yet. I don't think our Abby Grace is in this group but it would be a welcomed gift from the Lord if she is. I cannot wait to finally get that call one day and be able to share our news with everyone. In the meantime I am growing my hair our for Locks of Love until that referral comes. Nothing like long hair in SC with the 95+ days we are having. But ponytales and becoming the norm for me. V was going to grow her hair out as well but decided to get it cut while visiting my sister in Toronto. It is really cute, no ponytales for her.

School is finally out, so the kids are home except for a few weeks when they chose to go to YMCA day camp. Owen is loving being home. When we drive on the streets near his school he says, "Momma, no school today." He has been spending a lot of time with me on the computer working on his letters and sounds on He loves to do the "letter "D" for daddy" because it has dinosaurs on it.

I took V and her best friend Emma to Georgia last weekend to see my dear friend Allison. Another friend of ours, Alice, and I surprised her for a late birthday gift. We had a great time hanging out and the girls occupied her 4 year old Lauren. We sure miss having them for next door neighbors. She was a great support while going through the paperchase.

So not much to share at the moment. Please continue to pray for us, pray for the Lord to watch over our sweet girl and for our finances as we wait to complete our adoption of Abby Grace.