Thursday, May 13, 2010

Counting down to summer & Prayer Request

Well the countdown is underway 12 days of school left til summer break!!!!
Can I get an AMEN :)

The kids are going stir crazy as he last few weeks of school roll in, slowly I might add. No big summer plans yet as our big plan has just hit a road block!!
AG is supposed to have her open heart surgery on June 9th but just this week I got a call for the dental team @ MUSC. They want us to wait to do her OHS until after they do her dental repairs. is the roadblock, they can't do her dental surgery until October on the books or possibly July if they can move another patient. Are you kidding me??? We have been waiting 4 months to get her heart surgery done and now this??? I am just so frustrated. We set it up for the summer because I teach and obviously don't have 4-6 weeks of leave banked for her recovery. Plus with 3 other little people to worry about summer seemed like a good time. They could hang with nana and papa maybe go to day camp for a few weeks. Now this :( We were thinking late summer road trip....oh how the best laid plans often don't work. So we're just in wait mode. Our cardiologist and our surgeon are supposed to be talking this out to see of they can work something out. Please pray for this surgery to happen when it is supposed to happen. We know that God has that day already penned in her book, just hope it is a 6-9-10 date :)

Hope to be able to do a longer post this weekend to catch everyone up on all our family happenings including: V hugging Taylor Swift, Jacob's many fishing adventures, Owen finally riding without his training wheels and Abby Grace just being the silly little monkey that she is :)