Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lazy Summer Days and Ice cream

Boy are we having a lazy summer. V, J and O have been attending day camp at the YMCA every other week. They seem to be having fun but hate the early morning wake-up to get there on time. If only camp started at noon:) On the weeks they don't go to camp they are rarely out of the bed before 9 and V usually sleep in til 10 or later. I remember those days. Staying up late and sleeping in late. Oh the memories:)

Abby Grace is doing fantastic. She had her tubes put in her ears two weeks ago and has had no problems at all. We head back to MUSC for her appliance on the 10th of July and then the wait begins for surgery. Depending on how long it takes for her mouth to mold surgery could be anytime after August. I pray for quick but painless movement. I know the appliance will take a lot of getting used to. Kind of like having braces in a way. The days of adjustment will be the hardest. Lots if soft food and ice-cream. Speaking of ice-cream...the ice-cream truck is back. Abby hears the music and her face lights up, V has taught her so well. She loved her push-up and the bath that follows.

It is so hard to remember life with out this little miracle. Everyday she brings enormous joy to our lives. She has changed so much in the last 2 and a half months. She knows we are her family and she knows that we all love her dearly. She and O have a thing they do every night. I tell her it is time for night night and we go around the house kissing and hugging everyone. Then we go to her room where she turns off the light, winds up her music box and then I put her in her crib. Then every night she yells for Owen to give her kisses. She yells his name until he comes in. Then he climbs up on the chest at the foot of her crib and repeatedly kisses her. She keeps going back for kisses with her cute little puckered grin until I shoo him out of the room. It is so sweet. He loves her so much and always calls her Abbigail, not Abby or Abby Grace. He is such a good brother.

I have a prayer request I'd like to share with you all. Another family in our agency, whom I will not name until I have her permission, has accepted a referral for a daughter with a heart defect similar to Abby Grace's only a bit more severe. Right now they are awaiting their approval and hope to travel this fall to bring their daughter home. They will have to take oxygen with them on the plane for their journey home to ensure their daughters safety. Please pray for them as they wait to bring their daughter home, pray for their peace and pray for their daughter's health as she awaits their arrival. As a mother I know what this woman is feeling. I know how she longs to be able to hold her daughter. I know how she worries about her daughters health. Again, please pray for her and her family.