Monday, May 25, 2009

June 30th

So Abby Grace has now been home long enough to grow 5 inches and 9 pounds. I guess all she needed was some good food and lots of loving. Actually all she needed was her little heart, CL/CP fixed. She has been doing so great. My mom took her in for her check-up a few weeks back and her cardiologist was amazed at how well she was doing. He was so amazed he decided to schedule her second heart repair for this summer! WHAT??? Yep this summer. So June 30th we head down to MUSC for her cath and then surgery should be scheduled sometime after that. By sometime I am guessing a few weeks, but I they won;t schedule it until they have the cath done. Hopefully it will not be like last time when they did emergency OHS the following morning. Talk about stressful. We had only been home with her for one week and I was placing my daughter's life into the hands of some doctors I had only known a few hours. They are a great team at MUSC but I was just overcome with emotions then. Now having gone through 4 surgeries there in the past year I feel more at peace this time around. I just have to keep reminding myself that she is in the hands of God and he is the one who will guiding the hands of the team as they perform the operation.

On to other family happenings...
V broke her wrist at Camp Thunderbird a few weeks back. She was stepping onto a mattress on the floor and it slid. She put her hand down to catch her fall and snapped it. I was at home with the crew but luckily Sean was chaperoning the trip. So he and a counselor took her to the ER in Charlotte and they x-ray'd. It was a green fracture so they wrapped it up and sent her back to camp til the next morning. Luckily another dad at camp called in a favor and she got right in as soon as she and Sean made it back to town. So now she is sporting a bright pink cast. We also found a wrap/bag like thing that she can put on so she can swim and bathe. It is great. She is supposed to get it off next week.
J and O are almost done with school. 8 days and counting. O's leg healed from his run in with the trampoline and he is back to his rotten little self again. J has done great this school year. A/B or All A's each quarter this year. He is doing so well although he still lacks confidence in reading.
S is working like crazy and is looking forward to heading to the lake once the water warms up a bit for some late afternoon jet-skiing. He doesn't get a chance to do it very often but really enjoys zooming around when he gets a chance.
Me, I'm staying at my same school next year but changing grades. Going down to kindergarten. Something I am really excited about. I student taught K in college and have always wanted to teach it. I spoke with my principal mid year and asked for a transfer so she was happy to offer me the position when she restructured faculty.

We are hoping to host an exchange student from China this upcoming school year. She is 17 and is from the same region but not the same province as Abby Grace. We went through our interview last week. Now we just wait. The good thing is this wait won't take nearly as long as our wait did when we were adopting:) We are very excited to offer this opportunity to Lu. She'll be attending V's school. According to her paperwork she has a little sister in China which I found rather odd since most families are only afforded one child. My guess and the guess of the coordinator is the little one is most likely a cousin or a child her family took in. But anyway hopefully we'll get to host her. Nothing is in stone yet.