Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Year!!

It was one year ago today that we met our sweet little Abby Grace face to face in a smokey hotel in Gansu China. One year that seems to have flown by. I still remember the moment we first saw her sitting in her nanny's lap...

As we walked into the smoky room we saw Andrew sleeping peacefully in his nanny's lap but Abby Grace was no where to be seen. We got our paperwork in order and started going over it with Steed. Then we heard a commotion and saw her as her nanny carried her into the room. Tears filled my eyes, she looked so small and so lost. Her cheeks were rosy and she was bundled up in a creme colored jacket. The nanny sat down with her at a large round table and when the director realized we were her family she called V over to sit by Abby Grace and the nanny. V almost lost it she was crying so much and she was amazed that the moment had finally arrrived where she could touch her little sister. She sat at the table with her and the nanny pulled her hand over to Abby Grace's hand. They touched briefly and then Abby Grace began to cry...did she know her world was about to be turned upside down? Our paperwork was looked over and then the "ceremonial" passing occurred. She screamed like I have never heard a child scream before then began quiet sobs. Sobs that just about broke my heart. All I could do was hold her tight and keep whispering in her ear "Boo Koo" meaning don't cry. We paused for a few pics and then we wisked her upstairs to our room. She was still sobbing as we began to undress her from the 3 layers of clothes she had on and tried to offer her a bottle. She wanted no part of the bottle or of the comfort I was attempting to give her. I think she only wanted to go back to her nanny. We sat with her in our room that night just amazed that we finally had her in our arms. She laid in her little crib and sobbed as she fell asleep that first night.

Day 2 was much better. She woke up in a great mood, ate like crazy at the breakfast bar and even smiled in our family photo for her adoption decree. She still clung to me and followed me everywhere, if I got out of her sight she cried but as the days in China progressed she warmed up to Sean and V and everyone else around her.

Since coming home a lot has happened in Abby Grace's young life. A life that we are so thankful to be a part of. Here are a few of her highlights of the past year:

OHS 4/18/08

Smiling and finally wearing pig-tails

popsicles in the summertime

4th of July 2008

Palate surgery day

Praying for S.

Helping mommy cook.

Picking out pumpkins for Halloween.

AG was a beautiful butterfly for Halloween.

Lip surgery post-op

AG's new smile.

Blowing bubbles!!

Ice-cream for Thanksgiving day dessert.

Guess who turned 3 on Dec.11th?

Posing for our Christmas card.

Decorating the Christmas tree.

A playdate with her little friend Paige.

Celebrating the CNY

Walking in the AHA heart walk. Our team raised over $1000.

It is so hard that our first year with Abby Grace in our family is over. There were so many times during that year that I just stared at her and cried. I am so honored that God chose us to be her family and me to be her mommy. She is an amazing little girl whose smile lights up our lives everyday. Thank you Father for this wonderful gift you have bestowed upon us. We truly are blessed beyond words.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prayer request!!!

Some of you may remember my dear friend Leslie who traveled to China last year to bring home her little one with a heart defect and cleft lip and palate. Through many countless prayers they made it home safely and her daughter, S. underwent OHS and has been doing great. Tomorrow is the beginning of the next chapter in S.'s life. Tomorrow she'll be having surgery to repair her cleft lip. If you feel led to pray for them tomorrow please do so and visit their blog
in my list of blogs to offer support. I remember how nervous I was leading up to Abby Grace's surgery. Knowing that the little face I'd fallen in love with was about to be forever changed. Leslie is feeling the same way. You, the parent, accept your child (adopted or not) for whom they are on the inside. What is on the outside really does not matter. Please pray for them tomorrow. I'll update in the coming days to let you know how she is doing or just check her blog. Leslie is a much better manager of blogging time than I am :)