Friday, May 30, 2008

No Orphans of God

I found this amazing video on another blog and just had to share it. God used Sean and I in a way we never even imagined when he placed adoption in our hearts. Many people have told me how they would love to adopt but aren't sure they could do it. We had those same thoughts when we started this process but when the Lord tells you what to do you do it and just rest knowing that he will see it through.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wow, It is hard to believe that in 2 short days we will have Abby Grace in our family for 2 whole months. The time has flown by so quickly. It feels like we have had her forever. As I think back over the last 2 months I am amazed at how well she has adjusted. Going in to this adoption I was so scared that she'd not bond well with us or that she would miss her past. No problems there, she fits in perfectly with our family. She loves her brothers and sister and adores her daddy. She likes to place her hand in Nana's hand but still does not want Nana to pick her up. The other night she even gave her Papa a kiss. It melted my heart. He was the only person in our family who was unsure about the adoption thing. I knew once he met her she'd melt his heart and she has.

We got a wonderful surprise for Mother's Day, yes I know that was several weeks ago but I have not had time to post about it yet. Anyway, my sister Elizabeth flew in from Toronto to spend the weekend with us. She had originally planned on coming down to surprise us when we got back from China but things did not work out. So she decided that she'd give up Mother's Day with her own 2 kids to spend it with us. I had no idea she was coming but it was a great surprise. Abby Grace liked her a lot as did the rest of the kids. Owen wanted to know why she did not bring Mary Ruth and Duncan with her but he loved spending time with her uninterrupted. It was great to see her and to introduce Abby Grace to her special aunt.

We have a few appointments scheduled in the next few weeks. Abby grace is having a hearing test this Thursday just to make sure everything is working in that area. Then she has another follow-up with her cardiologist. He was very impressed with how well she was doing at her last appointment. In fact she has gained a pound since her surgery! We met with the cleft team at MUSC and they are making a mouthpiece for her to wear for a few months before they will perform her surgery. The piece is designed to move her bones to the proper position to give her the best results from the surgery. That means instead of surgery getting done this summer like we had hoped it will be done this fall. She'll have to wear the piece all of the time, I'm sure she'll like that. The doctors actually said it will help with her speech because it fits into the space and gives her a fake palate. Speaking of speech, she is jibber-jabbering a lot.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Round and round

YUM!!Japanese food

Jacob getting ready for base-ball.
Pushing my baby in her stroller

Abby Grace having Chop-Suey for breakfast...yummy!
V and Emma ready for the Young Miss General pageant.

V's program: From Acorns to Oaks.

It is so amazing how busy life gets just from adding one more to the bunch. Seems like I am always doing laundry or on the go. I feel as though I am on a merry-go-round. Once I think I'm done something new begins. I guess that explains why I haven't posted in a week and a half.

Abby is doing great. She has turned out to be quite a little spit-fire. She loves to get her way and will cry if she hears the word no. She has thrown a few fits, not as many as her big brother Jacob but still quite a few. She spent two evenings at home with the boys and Sean while V and I went to her class musical on Tuesday night and the school pageant on Friday night. Both nights she did great. Sean occupied her by playing outside and feeding her. He even got her in the tub one night. She is finally loving her daddy and warming up to the boys.

We went to church this morning and she did pretty good. We had to go to the atrium for the last 15 minutes or so but she lasted 45 minutes in the service. She met a lot of church members today who had been praying for her surgery and recovery. It was no nice and comforting to hear them say "I've been praying for her, how is she doing?" I know that prayer got us over this hurdle.

*She still loves to eat noodles.
*She loves pushing her baby in her stroller all over the house and down the road.
*She likes a bath now, but only wants a few toys in the tub with her.
*She says no a lot.
*She says uh-oh a lot too.
*She loves her big sister.
*She loves to eat cole-slaw. (go figure, I hate cole-slaw)
*She likes to eat her cheerios dry but likes to eats her sisters with milk.
*She loves watermelon and apples.
*She can put on her own pants and shoes.
*She likes the music at church but does not like it when I sing along to it.
*She is a southern girl who likes her iced-tea and Pepsi.
*She likes to cook and stir with her play food and dishes.
*She sleeps like a log, all night...yippee!

She is a perfect fit for our family. Thank you Lord for giving us this wonderful child.