Friday, August 29, 2008


We finally have a surgery date! September 9th. A bit nervous would be an understatement of how I am feeling. I am so mixed up inside with the whole idea of changing my beautiful daughter's face. She has them most amazing smile, the cutest little nose and the sweetest little voice. Both will be changed on September 9th. I know that this surgery is medically necessary but changing her beautiful face just makes me so sad. I have talked with many other adoptive parents who have felt the same way, so I know this is a normal feeling. I do need to do one thing before surgery. I need to make an appointment at Sears or Wal-mart and have some pictures taken of our sweet girl. Hopefully she won't hate me when she is older but I need these pictures so that I can capture the sweet little face that we have fallen so in love with.
On another note, Abby Grace started pre-school this week. She loves it. She is having a great time and has won the hearts of everyone. She will be in school next week but will be out for several weeks after surgery. We are so blessed to have her at a Christian day school where she is learning about her Lord and savior. They have agreed to hold her slot until her return and not charge us for the time out. That is great because we'll be paying our sitter to watch her at home while she recovers.

Other kiddo updates:
V just entered the 5th grade and is playing JV tennis for her school team. She is having a great time. She'll be 10 in just a few weeks. I still can't believe that we are about to have a kid in the double digits!
Jacob just turned 7 and started public school this year. He has an awesome teacher. He really seems to be enjoying school and being able to eat in the cafeteria. He taught himself how to swim last month and even flips off of the diving board. He has become quite a little fish.
Owen moved up to the almost 4 year old class at pre-school this year. He, of course, has quickly made new friends and is having a great time. Sean and I were talking the other night about how well mannered he is. I sure hope AG picks up on manners too.

Leslie update:
My friend Leslie, whom I mentioned many posts ago, will be leaving in 2 weeks to bring her daughter Susannah home. I cannot believe the time has finally arrived. She has been waiting so long for her TA. If you would like to follow her journey click on Susannah on the left of my blog.

Prayer request:
A fellow AWAA family who returned home this summer with their daughter suffered her tragic loss this week. Their daughter Anna also had a heart defect and was actually in for a heart cath when she coded. Doctors worked on her and stabilized her but things did not improve. She went to her heavenly home Wednesday evening. Please pray for the Gooden family from Tennessee. You can find a link to their blog on Leslie's blog.