Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surgery update

Well let's just say that thanks to a very aggressive dental student we lost our surgery date scheduled for yesterday @ MUSC. We are now rescheduled for July 19th. We are on standby in case they have a cancellation, but how often does heart surgery get cancelled, really??? So the 19th it is. Of course if we do get an earlier date I will post it here.
Summer is going well around here. Trying to toughen up on this household and get some help from the kids. Gotta work on a chore chart of some kind so the kids can take some responsibility around here too. After all they can't just sit around all summer and expect me to do everything, right? I will say one thing the younger two seem to be more happy to help than the older two. They think it is fun when I say who wants to help me with the laundry, while to other two have to rock-paper-scissors it to see who has to unload the dishwasher. I have got to toughen up!!!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer. I will post some pics of the kiddos when I get a chance to get on the good computer.