Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July Update

The month of July has flown by! We took a vacation to Canada for a few days to visit my sister and her family. The travel was long but the weather was great. We left balmy 95+ SC days and had wonderful 80-85 degree days in Toronto. We did some a little sightseeing at the Toronto Zoo and had a lot of fun just spending time relaxing and shopping.

On the adoption front... Abby was not in this most recent batch of SN referrals but a great friend of mine, Angie Hendren (see her link) found her daughter in this batch. Her family was DTC and LID with us so I was so excited when she finally shared her great news with me. It is wonderful to know that another little China pearl will soon be finding her forever family. She is looking forward to travel this fall and if you follow her BLOG you can take the journey with her. In talking with the SN team she was told that another batch of referrals is expected to arrive sometime in September. Victoria would be thrilled to finally get her baby sister for her birthday. Wouldn't that be a fantastic 9th birthday present?

Please continue to pray for Abby and for her birthmother. Pray fro her mother as she grieves her loss and pray that if Abby is in foster care that her foster parents are loving and nurturing her, treating her as if she were their own. And please continue to pray for us, for the finances to complete the adoption once we receive our referral and for patience while we continue to wait for our referral.

Oh...I met two wonderful women, in my neighborhood, who are also in the process of adopting from China. Isn't God amazing, we all live within 1 mile of each other and we are all feeling led by the Lord to seek out our daughters in China. I'll add a link to Michelle's website so if you get a chance check it out. She is expecting her referral sometime in September!!