Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cath Day

Today is cath day. As I type Abby Grace is back in the OR with the team having her heart cath done. We have gotten a few updates: They did an echo, put the caths in, were getting pressure readings and are currently taking lots of pictures. Once she comes out and wakes up a bit they'll call us back to recovery and we'll meet with the doctor. I will post later and let you all know what the doctors found and when they schedule her next surgery.
Thanks for your continued prayers!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're getting a new daughter:)

OK, we're not technically getting a daughter but we are getting to host an exchange student from China for the upcoming school year. She will be like a daughter but unfortunately at the end of the school year we'll have to let her go back to her family.
I can't tell you a lot about her because I want to protect her privacy but this is what I can say
*She will be 17 when she arrives here.
*She is from Chongqing province.
*She is an excellent student with fantastic grades!
*she comes from a wonderful family with both of her parents working.
*She has been to the US once before on a summer camp program.
*She is beautiful:)

We are so excited to be hosting her. V is thrilled and can't wait to have a big sister. They'll be sharing a room so a small room makeover will have to happen this summer when we find out more about her. The boys...well they aren't too thrilled to have another girl in the house but they'll get over it, right? I think they'll love her once she arrives here. Not sure about AG, she still looks at Asian people very oddly but eventually warms up to them. Hopefully having a big sister around will help us hold on to some of her heritage and customs. We hope to be able to share a lot about our culture and in turn learn a lot about her culture as well.