Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy catch-up

Wow, I am soooooo far behind in blogging. When we started this blog so many years ago it was to document our journey to get Abby Grace. When we came home we continued as a way to document for her and for ourselves all of the amazing things that she has overcome and learned to do. Now, well it has become kind of a "When I get a chance to get around to it" kind of place. So now that I have a moment I am going to try to do some catching up with a few pictures from the 2nd half of 2010.
Summer gave way to the cooler days of fall and the leaves turned beautiful shades of reds and pinks. Abby spent many afternoons outside playing in the leaves and even collected a few that she pressed in her books in her room.

Abby Grace worked on her skating skills with her 1st ever trip to the skating rink. Now she wants skates for her next birthday. Owen on the other hand just enjoyed watching everyone skate.

We celebrated her 5th birthday with a dress up party with some of her girlfriends and big brother Owen and she finally got a big girl bike!!!

Christmas arrived and we celebrated with family the birth of our Savior. Of course no Christmas would be complete with a trip to our local light display. I love how in and amongst the myriad if Kai Lan and Wonderpets there is always the nativity. The true symbol of the Christmas season.

Shouldn't have wasted money on Christmas gifts, Abby found hours of fun drumming on the paint cans we've been using to paint around the house.

Jacob tested for his yellow belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and once again Sean held the board for his impressive kick.

Unfortunately, Owen has inherited some poor vision and reluctantly got glasses in November. Hope the glasses improve his vision and that is helps him learn those popcorn words and letters quickly :)

So that's it a quick look at the last half of 2010. Hope your 2011 is blessed!!

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Kristi said...

Tell Owen that we have a family member who thinks glasses make you look cool! :)
And isn't it always the case that things destined for recycle make the best toys?
I'm impressed with Abby's skating skills, we haven't tried skating just yet...